Ebony Is Dead: Thank God She Is No More!


Dear Compatriots,

If the demise of Ebony Reigns had occurred before January 18, 2018, the question I would have asked is, “who is Ebony?”
It sound funny but she wasn’t operating from the realm of my musical dimension. The lyrical content of this music was so good, and I couldn’t stop myself from nodding. So I asked the name of the artist and title of the song. That was when I was given the name, Ebony and ‘Maame Hwe’ as title of the song.

Further research about her revealed that she was an embodiment of musical nudity (bad girl)- just the female version of Shatta Wale. Ebony’s lyrical dexterity was unquestionable; golden talent residing inside a ‘bad girl’. She wasn’t supposed to be going almost naked in her videos and stage performances. In an interview with Delay, Ebony was so honest and genuine that she didn’t even hide her sexual exploits. I fell in love with her genuineness and honesty but pitied her. I didn’t pity her base on cultural grounds but I did that based on the mass attitude towards her. She obviously did not know Ghanaians hate honest people. She did not know that Ghanaians want people to be 100% perfect and we hate people who expose their human flaws. I wouldn’t defend her shabby dressing even a second as a Ghanaian culture advocate.

When the news broke out that Ebony was dead, it did not take long for the religious opportunists to attack her instead of sympathising with her family. Many Ghanaian religious writers harnessed the opportunity to declare how decent they dress unlike Ebony. They alleged her death to her nudity whilst remaining silent on why decently dressed Christians and Muslims also die in gory lorry accidents. It is so pathetic that Ghanaians have been conditioned to mostly analyse issues from religious lenses. God has finally struck Ebony, the jubilation of the religious folks. But the question we need to assess is that, “is nudity the only sin our culture and religions frown upon that will cause God to transmigrate someone who was aged 20?”

“A total of 2,076 people died in road traffic accidents in 2017: 514 females, comprising 379 above 18 years and 135 below 18 years, were killed in 2017; 1,562 Males killed in 2017,” Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), 2017 data. This means road accidents are not directly proportional to indecent dressing?

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, almost all Ghanaians attend religious meetings. So the paramount corruption, lies and many evil in this country, which people commit them? If God truly told the pastors that He ended the life of Ebony because of her shabby dressing, then, God has unfinished tasks for Ghana this month. Nudity is not the only thing our culture frown upon. Our culture frown upon thievery (aka corruption), lies, greediness, rape, disrespect and many more. I guess it is easier to point fingers when we tightly lock our skeletons in the closet.

Those causing extreme damage to Ghanaians who need to be struck by God are the politicians who can build a website with GHC800,000.00 whiles Obrempong Kwadwo Damsti (GKODA CEO), Wahab Nurudin Lartey (Infinixel Web Developer), Thomas Darku (Glivion CEO) , Raindolf Owusu (CEO of Oasis WebSoft) and many young patriots can build and host such website for Ghana at the cost of GHC4,000.00. Those who need to be struck are the decently dressed pastors who extort huge sums of money from the poor Ghanaians using the name of God. The person who need to be struck is the decently dressed guy who slept with about 10 ladies in the same church/mosque without marrying them. Those who need to be struck are the decently dressed ladies who are decorated as ushers at church but sleep with married men for bounties. Those who need to be struck are decently dressed chiefs who create confusion by selling same piece of land to about four different subjects. Those who need to be struck are those who told Ghanaians that Harry Potter gave our guinea fowls Nimbus 2000 broomsticks to fly to Burkina Faso.

Life is not about how long one lives. It is about how effective one lives through the impact on society. Ebony Reigns’ death has caused the whole nation talking about it. How old was she? The question the youth should ask is, ” what would have happened if we were in the position of Ebony?” Have we started working
to liberate Ghana from poverty? Have we started working on our dreams? We should not forget that Ephraim Amo preached, “yen ara ye asaase nie.” Kofi Kinaata was right when he told us “time no dey”. So we need to work hard, employ logical analyses to problems and leave positive mark on humanity because Beyonce reminded us with her words, “I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time. know there was something that, meant something that I left behind. When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets. Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget…The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I lived. That I made a difference, and this world will see I was here”

Concluding, Ghanaians should kindly desist from religiously skewing all problems that occur in this country. This attitude will always cause us to waste time on things that are not the true solutions to our problems. If we do not want people like Ebony in Ghana, family and society should kindly live to the task of raising the younger generation well. May Ebony join her ancestors peacefully. Thank you.

Best regards,



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