This is why I didn’t go to Benin for blood money or quick success!


My former boss at a consulting firm I was working for met to discuss business with me. He looked depressed and worried unlike those days when he was happy and focused. He had invested in a quick success project and it had panned out to be a long term and money draining project.

After discussing a project we wanted to do together, he realised I was so calm and relaxed in its implementation. He was like, “bro, you look so calm and relaxed unlike when we were working in 2017. I smiled and told him, I gave up on all my life deadlines and sought after happiness and legacies. If it will take 20 years to build a legacy I want the world to remember me with, so be it.¬†You’re depressed because you have so many deadlines to meet but no money.

What exactly do you want? Build a company or have money? Just focus on the legacy and ignore the money for now. It will come by itself! Give yourself a long time and not miraculous time preached by pastors and mallams. Legacies take time!

After graduating from university, I gave myself so many deadlines to get money. I engaged in quick success projects that drained my meager capital. So I decided to listen to the advice of Aliko Dangote, “Success (building companies) does not happen overnight!”

Most of the youth are depressed because we are competing over who bought the first car, built the first house, etc. These are catalysts to depression and feeling left behind.

Just relax, and ask yourself what legacy do you want Ghana or the world to remember you with. If it will take 30yrs to build, so be it. Remember that Benin is a temporal relief for the depression, so build permanent depression relief mindset.

My dad was working with GES and served over 35 years. After he went on pension, no child could replace him at his position. So I asked myself, if dad had even sacrificed 20 years of his time to build a company, will I be starting from scratch?

The only thing you can hand down to your kids is your legacy (business). It will be difficult but if you take 30 years to build it, your kids would be proud and won’t care about the years you took to achieve that for them. They will be proud of you that you built something for them.

Forget about the quick success society is pushing on us and give yourself time. That is the only way to escape depression in this crazy social media era of getting rich quick.


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