Dear Comrades,
The most honest statement in the world is, “nobody is perfect!” Every race on earth understands this except contemporary Africans. Sometimes, you should love people, not for their whole personality – nobody is perfect. Just a positive thing about a person should enable you to idolise an individual. In as much as we hypocritically preach perfection, we know our fallible cravings do not make this possible.
What am I driving at? Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana is 48 years old. Why should we even bother to give it attention as a country or continent? It is not about the Mission, but it is about the purpose of the Mission and the vision of its leader that craves my attention.
How many Africans believe (in 2019) that Africa will develop to be like China in 2040?
How many of our youth have hope for the future of Ghana? So if someone had faith that Africa, not Accra or Kigali or Abuja or Maseru will develop to be like the USA and work towards its achievement in 1971, who is that person? If someone can mobilise ‘illiterates’ and form a mastermind alliance with them to work for the emancipation of Africa, who is that person?
The reason why I love KANTANKA is his unprecedented optimistic nature. He is arguably the most optimistic person living in the world now!! What? To even believe Africa will develop is not a child’s play. Kantanka’s faith surpassed the biblical mustard seed, it was literally a watermelon fruit.
Comrades, we should always remember that anyone who is locked in the body has weaknesses. If what the individual is doing is for the collective good of the society, we should give him the support and learn from some of his virtues. If Kristo Asafo is celebrating its 48th Anniversary, I beseech all Ghanaians/Africans to learn the OPTIMISTIC virtue of the mission and its leader. Thank you very much.
Epistles regards,


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